Frequently Asked Questions by Patients

Hair Transplantation is a cosmetic procedure where the bald area is covered with hair,along with its roots, taken from other sites such as back of scalp, beard, chest.

Yes, it does. It has become a popular surgical modality for treatment of baldness. It is the treatment of choice in patients with no potential for regrowth of hair.

Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) is an innovative new technique of hair transplantation. This technique is a refined version of FUE where grafts extracted are simultaneously implanted in the recipient area. This allows the grafts to return to their own environment faster without damage and dessication. This leads to more graft survival and better patient satisfaction.

  1. As the grafts are immediately implanted, the exposure of grafts to external environment (transit time) is reduced from 4-5 hours to few minutes. This improves survival of follicles and better outcome.
  2. We have revolutionized hair transplantation by the DHT technique. Usage of patented implanters has enabled us to incorporate the No Root Touch technique. Thus, reducing graft damage
  3. Surgery by DHT technique is shorter by 50% as compared to FUE.
  4. Chances of graft survival is almost 100%

Yes, the transplanted hair is permanent. As we are taking only permanent roots from back of scalp and transplanting them on the bald area, the hair will grow normally and last for life.

Yes, results of DHT are better than other techniques. It also gives better patient satisfaction.

  1. In DHT , the grafts are planted in the scalp as soon as possible. Since the out of body time is least , the chance of damage by mechanical handling, dessication, chemical and thermal damage is least.
  2. We also use the special patented implanters which ensures No Root Handling and no chances of crushing the grafts during transplantation.
  3. DHT technique is done mostly in sitting position where as FUE is done in lying position. Sitting position enables extraction and plantation of grafts simultaneously. Two or more specialists can transplant the grafts from side and front position, reducing the overall surgery time by 30-50%.
  4. We use the best quality magnification and Carl Zeiss loupes with LED lights with 4-5X magnification. These loupes allow seeing the smallest hair follicles which are likely to be missed by the other loupes and magnification systems. Sometimes the small hair follicles are not seen by low quality magnification and may be damaged. Carl Zeiss loupes prevent the damage of these delicate grafts.
  5. The surgical team is led by few rare brains of doctors trained from AIIMS, New Delhi. All the major steps are done by the doctors and not left to the technicians, unlike most of the centers.
  6. At our center, the grafts are always under the vigilant eyes of the doctors. In DHT , the chances of graft damage is least unlike FUE which is primarily done by the technicians.
  7. We plan the individualized hairline, define the layout, extract and implant the grafts with extreme precaution.
  8. We attend most of the national and international hair transplantation conferences. Deliver talks in the meetings, seminars, conferences.

This varies amongst different clinics. It is unfortunate, but there are clinics where only technicians are involved in the surgery. Technicians are not well versed with the artictic aspect of transplantation which is important for a natural looking result.This puts the patient in danger as the technicians are not equipped to handle emergencies.
At DHT, only qualified and experienced doctors perform the surgery. We are committed to providing the best results and patient satisfaction and safety is the utmost importance to us.

Hair Transplantation Session

4-8 hours


No, only 2000-2500 grafts can be transplanted in one sitting. More than one session may be required to give adequate desirable density.

You will be awake. Only the area to be operated loses pain sensation.

Poor Donor Area

Yes. Hair transplantation can be done. We can extract few scalp hair and perform body hair transplantation.

When grafts are extracted from any body part apart from the scalp, it is known as body hair transplantation. BHT is done in cases where adequate hair is not available in the back of the scalp. It is also donor in cases where we desire to give good density in a high grade of baldness. Hair from beard area is the one most commonly utilized.
In male patients, hair can be taken from beard, chest, underarm and pubic area.
In females, grafts can be extracted from underarms and pubic area only.

  1. In patients who have scanty thin hair on back of scalp, hair transplantation using body hair is a good option.
  2. Body hair, along with scalp hair, is also used in cases where we desire to provide more density
  3. Body hair is also used to repair previous hair transplantation to provide a more natural looking while performing corrective surgery.

Post Operative Care And Care Of Transplanted Hair

One day

Yes, we will provide you some antibiotics and analgesics after the procedure. These medicines will prevent infection and also give pain relief.

All normal daily activities can be performed from the very next day. After a period of 7 days, heavy physical exercises can be resumed.

As it is a day procedure, one day leave is sufficient to perform the surgery. You will be able to go to work from next day itself.

The back portion from where grafts were taken can be washed next day and the receipient area in the front of scalp should be shampooed gently after 7 days.

Yes, you can. You only have to make sure that the cap is not too tight so as to allow proper ventilation.

Hair growth will be evident from 8-12 weeks.

You will be able to get your first haircut after 6 months.

Yes. As the transplanted hair will grow and feel like natural hair, you can style it the way you desire

Yes it works and will cover the bald area. It is a good treatment option in patients where no further hair growth can be expected

Yes it works and will cover the bald area. It is a good treatment option in patients where no further hair growth can be expected

Side Effects After Surgery

It is a very safe procedure with no side effects

FUT technique leaves a linear scar on the back of scalp. There are no visible scars in DHT technique.

No. the procedure is performed under local anesthesia given gently.

Transplantation At Areas Other Than Scalp

Yes, we perform transplantation on face in cases of scars in beard and moustache area.

Yes, it is

Yes, the transplanted hair will grow normally in these areas as well.

Regarding Female Hair Transplantation

Yes, hair transplantation can be done in female patients also. The procedure is the same as that performed in males.

We will have to evaluate you in detail. In cases of thinning in the frontal, more critical areas, hair from the back of scalp can be taken and transplanted in the front.