Benefits Of Direct Hair Transplant Procedure


Bald people often feel sad, angry, and lack confidence because they don't have hair. Because hairs are so important and show a lot about a person. Everyone wants hair that is healthy and full of volume. But as people age or get sick, they often lose their hair, which can lead to baldness.

We are lucky to live in a time when technology is so advanced that even baldness can be treated. So, don't worry if you're going bald. There are steps you can take to stop balding. Direct hair transplant, also called Direct Hair Implantation, is used by the Best Hair Treatment Clinic to transplant hair. This method is one of the most advanced ways to transplant hair; only trained surgeons can do it.

The DHT Method

One of the most advanced ways to transplant hair is the Direct Hair Transplant procedure. In this process, a very small-diameter extractor takes hair from a particular area. An implanter is then used to put the hair on the site that must be treated.

Once done, the hair will grow back in the treated area as if it had always been there. They look just like the hair and can even be styled if someone wants to. The cost of hair transplantation will depend on how many hairs need to be put in.

Who Can Get DHI?

People with androgenic alopecia are the most likely to benefit from hair transplants. One of the most common hair loss types in men and women is androgenic alopecia.

To be eligible for the DHI procedure, you must meet these requirements:

  • People who get hair implants should be over 25 years old.
  • The person getting a hair implant must have good, healthy hair on their scalp that can be put in the bald spot. People with less than 40 hair follicles per square centimeter at their donor site are not good candidates for hair transplants.
  • The bald spot where the hair implant will go must be able to grow hair again.
  • Most of the time, people with hair that matches their skin tone do best.

Why A Direct Hair Transplant Is A Good Idea?

The DHI method has worked well and produced good results. The DHI tool helps the surgeon control the angles, depth, and direction of the hair follicles being transplanted. The DHI method does not leave scars or stitches, which can help the body heal faster. After implantation, your new hair will grow naturally and make you look better.

Highest Graft Quality

In general, DHI is one of the safest ways to transplant hair. Based on how this procedure is done, it has a high chance of working and doesn't cause many problems. If you've been losing your hair for a long time, you should go to a well-known clinic and talk to a specialist surgeon there to find out what's happening.

Reasonable Prices

The cost of a hair transplant can vary from person to person based on their health. Most of the time, the amount to be paid depends on how many grafts are needed and if there are any complications. Also, the type of technology used significantly affects how much hair transplant surgeries cost.

Enhanced Aesthetics

DHI is a method for getting hair back that has helped many people improve their looks and personalities. The hairs from the back of your head are taken and put in the bald area of your head. The hairs are then made to grow normally. It gives your hair a natural look and makes it look like your own hair. After 2 to 3 months, the hair grows back, and the body heals in 8 to 10 months.

Manageable Hair

Once the hairs have been put on the scalp, you never have to worry about how well they will grow. The hairs that come from hair transplant surgery look like your natural hair and don't need special care. You don't have to buy special shampoos or gels for them to stay healthy and thick.

Faster Recovery

The small pilot holes in DHI give the hairs a high density, and it doesn't leave many scars on your scalp. Another exciting thing about DHI is that it uses injections that don't hurt and don't need needles to put people to sleep. This one has a faster recovery time than other hair transplant methods./p>


The procedure for a direct hair transplant is pretty simple if it is done by a certified surgeon. Because of this, this method is one of the best ways to transplant hair. By using the DHI method, 90% of hair follicles will be able to grow back. Patients get safe and healthy results because this procedure is easy to do. To get the results you want, you must go to one of the best hair transplant centres and get a medical exam