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Hair transplant is the latest craze not only for those who have lost their hair to untimely fall but even for those who want to alter their hairlines or acquire an attractive mane. But is hair transplantation really safe?

It can be hard to hear office jokes about the bald spots on your scalp from family friends and coworkers. It can deeply dent self-confidence every time you notice the receding hairline on your forehead. Loss of hair negatively affects a huge portion of the worldwide population. Research shows that meals have a higher ratio in this issue. Statistics indicate that over 60% of all mail beyond 45 years are facing adverse effects of pattern male baldness. Though the thinning of hair follicles and baldness is one very typical issue, it can still shake the core of the victim's self-confidence. But what people do not know most of the time is that regaining hair is entirely possible. In our clinic, we offer various hair treatments around thinning and transplantation of hair.

We help our patients regain their self-confidence through the regrowth of healthy hair. In the issue of patterned baldness in male transplantation of hair follicles are proven to be the most powerful. This transplantation process needs sponsorship from healthy hair follicles. Surgeons mainly extract those from the other parts of the scalp or body. Most of the time, the side or back portion of the scalp is determined to be a Donor site. The advancement of hair transplant procedures are offering regrowth in the beard eyebrow and even eyelashes hairs

Hair Treatment in Gurgaon
Hair Transplant in Gurgaon

What is Hair Transplantation?

The transplantation of hair is a surgical approach that involves a recipient site and a donor site. Doctors very carefully extract each hair follicle one by one from a particular part of the head or the body, which is called the donor site. Then that extracted follicle of hair is placed very carefully to the specific bald or thinning portion of the kelp for the body called the recipient site. This process provides minimal protruding, which further decreases the risk factor.

Modern-day hair transplant can be used to restore mustache beard eyebrows and can even fill up the deep scars that occurred because of surgery or accident incidents. After the recovery is successfully transplanted, hair follicles will start to grow out and will act like any other healthy hair follicle for the rest of life. The transplanted follicles of hair generally take off within the first 14 days to 50 days once the procedure is done. It needs that steady time to let the roots heal up and settle down. Within 60 days to 200 days, the origins of the transplanted follicle will start budding out the hair. To experience complete development in density, the patients need to wait for at least a good 9 to 11 months.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon provides high-performance hair transplantation using the top notes technologically advanced tools for replacing hair in our clinic. Dr. Khushboo Singh and Dr. Akhilendra Singh, alongside their highly qualified team, have vast experience and expertise in transplanting hair. They have gained through performing surgical procedures on cases from India and overseas.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

The counsel made by our experts on hair restoration is going to have the best results. Noticeable benefits are:

  • No hazard of complications.
  • Delivers assured results.
  • Less protrusion than ever.

There are a lot of misconceptions going around when it comes to hair transplants. People love to put forward their unsolicited advice and tips. But hair transplant is nothing but surgeons plucking out hundreds and hundreds of hair follicles one by one from the portion of your scalp or body because it won't affect that portion because of thickness. Then they carefully place each follicle in the needy portions of your body or scalp cautiously.

This intricate procedure can take over 20 hours. Because of its surgical procedures, anesthesia is involved in reducing pain and inflammation. Disclaimer This procedure will also cause some bleeding. This procedure is immensely complex yet delicate. You need to consult with the right medical professionals to ensure success. With our sophisticated team of medical professionals, we promise your worries around hair thinning will come to an end.

Some Facts That Every Individual Should Be Aware of Hair Transplantation

  • The transplanted hair starts to act as natural hair. That is why it sheds between 15 days to 30 days after the procedure. From then on, the route will begin budding natural hair for a lifetime.
  • Local anesthesia is a crucial part of this procedure to make it painless.
  • Hair transplant is not at all like the nonsurgical counterparts of the other variant; hair is restored through a previously chosen fixed base which is attached to the scalp via dexterity
  • Each hair thinning case cannot be solved through a hair transplant. It very much depends on the biology of the patient.
  • The cluster of hair decides the expenditure of this procedure. The more clumps of hair one need to be transplanted, the more advance the cost will be.
  • Resisting hair thinning or baldness is the motivation of this surgical procedure. Abundant tissues of hair survive even after the procedure of transplantation on the balding epidermis. Procedures of restoring hair have been rapidly evolving to tweak the precision levels. Extraction of follicle units is considered the gold standard approach because it can pick one by one healthy team of the confines procedure is also preferable because it offers no darning and minimum distress takes place.

Candidates for Hair Restoration

Individuals with the condition of alopecia areata can choose the path of hair transplantation procedures. The majority of the population with thinning and balding parts can go with transplantation of hair for restoration. This procedure doesn't have a gender bias system. Any gender is eligible for this process

  • An individual who has concerns with alopecia areata
  • Individuals who are victims of burning or trauma.
  • Individuals with standard health.

Hair Restoration Procedure

Our experts will explain this during the opening consultation. The following surgical procedure will be performed for restoration of hair:

  • Step 1: The recipient and donor parts will be decided.
  • Step 2: Anesthesia will be discharged at the location of the donor site.
  • Step 3: Follicular units are going to be drawn out of the donation site.
  • Step 4: The extracted units of the follicle are going to be prepared for the graft.
  • Step 5: Anesthesia will be discharged at the location of the recipient site.
  • Step 6: The units of follicles are going to be transplanted on the recipient site.

Pre-OP Care

Even though this is not a major surgery, just a minor one, the medical professionals demand patience to supervise a few tests and instructions to escape any complications and earn the best results after the surgical procedure.

After Hair Transplant Care

Once the Restoration of hair is fully achieved, the treatment site requires some uninterrupted time for healing. Care after the operation is crucial for the restoration to be fruitful. At AKS case clinic, we priorities the well-being of our patients and make sure that the patient follows up the procedures after the operation. In these procedures, patients are suggested to take mentioned medicines for 5 to 7 days, involving pain relief and antibiotics.

Also, the dressing on the donation side needs to be removed after one or two days, and from then on, no dressing is required. The convalescence is guided to rings with gentle shampooing and a cold shower after 48 hours to wipe away the scab and crust. Swimming helmets are smoking, and high-intensity workout sessions should be ignored for a minimum of 15 days.


The scalp can be a bit sensitive after the transplantation of hair surgery. Wearing bandages for a few days afterward is very important. The medical professionals will be prescribing pain relief meditation and antibiotic tablets to escape infection inflammatory reactions and painful swelling. The length of recovery entirely relies on which type of procedure was done. The procedure called FUE Treatment in Gurgaon offers a faster recovery time.

Typically, most people go back to their everyday life within seven days after the surgical procedure. In case stitches are involved, those will be taken out within 7 to 10 days. According to the IAS PCS for the can Society of plastic surgeons. The majority of the hair which has been transplanted will fall within 50 days of the said procedure. Fresh hair will grow the donated site within a few months. Those hairs will be growing by half an inch every month.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

transplantation of hair is considered to be a cosmetic procedure that has no fixed price. The expenditure around transplantation of hair varies very much from patient to patient relying upon numerous factors. But the precise cost of this surgical procedure can be determined only through in-office meetings with one of our experienced hair transplantation surgeons. The factors involved:

  • Area of the balding patch, which calls for coverage.
  • The amount of transplantation needed.
  • Desired hair thickness.
  • Method used.
  • Skills and experience of the medical surgeon who will be performing the procedure.
  • The actual location of the medical clinic.

Hair Transplant Before & After

The after-effects of the transplantation of hair at our AKS Clinic are marvelous. Patience can happily live their life without the fear of thinning or balding through naturally voluminous hair. Individuals can cut trim and style according to their desired choice.

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Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Akhilendra Singh is the Chairperson and Director of Management at the AKS Clinic. AKS Clinics is well known as one of the Best Hair Transplantation surgery clinics. The clinic provides the latest technological equipment and uses top-notch techniques to provide pocket-friendly procedures. Dr. Akhilendra Singh has executed numerous successful cases of follicles and hair transplantation, i.e. Restoration of hair in balding scalps. His clientele involves renowned names from the world of media and entertainment in India and overseas.

AKS Clinic offers FUT, FUE beard, body, mustache, eyebrow transplantation, rejuvenation of scalp, remedies of losing hair, hair fall, mesotherapy, reconstruction of headline, repairing failed transplantation of hair. Dr. Akhilendra Singh was honored as the top hair transplantation surgeon by renowned cricketer Rohit Sharma and acclaimed Actor Govinda for his extraordinary contributions to hair transplantation. But this issue does not have to stick around for a long time because AKS clinic is here to offer modern techniques for some of the best hair transplantation, which will make you feel and look like the old happy self of yours with hair.

Our Approach At AKS Clinic:

AKS Clinic, one of the best hair transplantation clinics, believes in providing customized hair transplantation to our unique patients. We understand each case of thinning and balding is unique, and each patient’s aspiration is very private to them. At AKS Clinic, Hair transplantation Clinic, reputed Doctor Akhilendra Singh studies each case, analyses specific patient's medical history, and then assists patients to understand their case and the options for them at an affordable hair transplant price. Our clinic is leading the increasing cognizance of losing hair in women and men by enlightening them. Our focus is to make sure the treatment facility's staff and services reach world-class gold standards of hair transplantation.

Losing hair or hair thinning is becoming increasingly typical, which is why patients are going to our clinic more and more every day. Health is automatically affected by the highly stressed lifestyle of the population. Even individuals under the age of 25 are facing severe hair thinning issues and searching for help desperately. Aks clinic is always there for the patients with our sophisticated team of medical professionals, doctors, and the latest technological equipment. We work tirelessly to solve the problems of every individual patient through our one-of-a-kind treatment.