Tips to Stimulate Faster Hair Growth Post-Hair Transplant

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Many people have problems with their hair, like thinning hair or hair loss, which can lead to balding. There are many temporary treatments for hair loss, but these treatments only claim to work. But they only work sometimes, and when they do, the results don't last. Consider a hair transplant if you want a permanent solution and don't want to waste money on short-term fixes. It is a quick procedure that gives long-term results.

There are both surgical and non-surgical ways to transplant hair. People worry about their hair growing back after a hair transplant, even though it is an effective way to stop hair loss without surgery. Hair transplant specialist Gurgaon says that the hair can take at least six months to grow back entirely and naturally. But for that to go well, the patient must carefully follow the instructions for care after surgery.

This article talked about some things you can do to help your hair grow back faster after a transplant. Read on to find out more.

Follow these tips to grow your Hair Faster

If you eat well, your hair will grow faster

Hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon recommends eating foods that help the body make keratin and collagen. This means putting a lot of protein-rich foods on your dinner plates, like chicken, turkey, eggs, and broccoli.

After a hair transplant, eating a few essential foods can also help the hair grow faster.

Red meat has iron in it. Biotin is found in large amounts in cauliflower, a natural food. Selenium can be obtained by eating Brazil nuts as a snack between meals.

Omega-3 fats are found in cold-water fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and tuna. Recent studies have shown that omega-3 fats help hair grow and thicken.

After a hair transplant, your hair will grow faster if you stick to a diet that includes these foods.

After a hair transplant, you should wait to use styling products

After a hair transplant, this may be one of the most challenging habits to get into.

After an FUE procedure, having a new head of hair is exciting because you can style and shape it differently.

But the new hairstyles must wait until the hair grows back faster after a hair transplant.

When you style your hair with gels, waxes, hairsprays, mousses, and dry shampoos, they build up on your scalp.

They clog and pollute hair follicles, which hurts the health of the follicles and makes hair grow slower.

A better way to take care of hair is to wash it often with a neutral and natural shampoo that doesn't contain harsh chemicals like parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, sodium lauryl sulphate, and sodium chloride.

Using tea tree oil shampoo, which doesn't have these harmful ingredients and is excellent for cleaning hair follicles that have been transplanted.

Take care of your stress as your new hair grows

Mental and emotional stress has many effects on the body, including changing the way hair grows.

The body knows that hair isn't a vital organ, so when stressed, it gives more nutrients and energy to the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, and liver.

One of the first things to go wrong is your hair, which goes into a resting phase until the stress is over.

Because of this, hair grows more slowly and sometimes thins when the body is under stress. After getting a hair transplant, having a calm and collected attitude can help with hair growth.

Get your head often massaged to help

A head massage is a quick way to calm down (see above), and the physical effects of a good scalp rub help hair grow.

A scalp massage helps to open up the tiny blood vessels and capillaries in the scalp. This lets more blood and oxygen reach the hair follicles.

Top surgeon for hair transplant gurgaon also thinks that head massages gently stretch the cells in hair follicles, which makes them work harder to make thicker hair.

Before getting a scalp massage, it's essential to give the newly transplanted hair follicles enough time to connect to a new blood supply in the scalp.

But about a month after an FUE procedure, a traditional scalp massage twice a day helps to wake up the follicles, so they grow the most hair possible.

Get good sleep on silk pillowcases

After an FUE procedure, your hair needs deep sleep to stay healthy and grow back. It is a vital part of how the body heals and repairs itself.

While we sleep, our cells get fixed, and new ones are made. When you get enough sleep, your body can keep your hair follicles and scalp in good shape, which helps your hair grow quickly and powerfully.

Sleep also helps our bodies increase the growth hormones needed for hair. It also helps the body make melatonin, which is thought to affect hair growth in a good way.

When we don't get enough sleep, our bodies have less time to repair and replace cells, make hormones and enzymes, and make stress hormones. This puts stress on the body and makes the immune system weaker. These things make it harder for the body to absorb nutrients for healthy, fast hair growth.

These steps will help with your post-recovery treatment, and your doctor may suggest other treatments for your hair that help healthy hair grow back faster. Stay in touch with AKS Clinic, take care of yourself, and enjoy how your hair transplant turned out.